For Partners

Information for partners who wish to open a representative office of the company.

To open an office, you need a strong desire, an understanding of the company's strategy, the vector of the direction of the development course, strategic thinking, the education of the office manager to have (necessarily) above average, academic degrees are welcome, services to the country ( of any nature: financial, economic, IT format and / or sports achievements (participation in the Olympics or significant competitions)).
Because of what you can get a refusal to open an office: the presence of criminal convictions, bad habits, religious fanaticism, any reproach of the authorities and being in any opposition cells.
It is undesirable to have a damaged credit history with any circumstances, marital status if divorced, lack of alimony debts, any psychological deviations and the use of prohibited drugs, will contribute to a possible refusal to conduct business from the company. Any non-constructive criticism and/or imposition of personal ideas , absence more than once at a meeting and / or a planning meeting, incitement, etc.leads to the termination of the contract with the company and criminal liability(according to the memorandum).
The company will provide full documentation for making presentations and explaining to the public about the company's products. It will help with opening an office on the territory of the American embassy or consulate. Due to the fact that the company is American, the laws of the company's activities in this region and/or country will be explained, observing the legislation of all parties.