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DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. - it is company which operating in the field of search engine indexing and search monetization in the network, developer of innovative IT products. A promising idea appeared in 2014, and by 2015 became a start-up project that has been registered as a company in Henderson (Nevada, USA). 
Thanks to innovative ideas and bold strategy DagrSolSearchingEngineInc experts were rated as a strong, ambitious player in the market of Internet innovation. Today, the company is a solid team of creative professionals who invest in creation of revolutionary knowledge of search engines.
 DagrSol Searching Engine features: radical new approach to conceptual problems of online search; consistency, sequence, and dynamic of web development; High quality management. Company's founder Artem Gurin is convinced that the main task of IT-corporations - be on the crest of a wave in the sea of ​​information market. This principle reflects the policy of the company. Vector and the pace of development DagrSol Searching Engine ensure it stable position of the market leaders.

• Search system new generation 

• Newest marketing approach

• Opportunity of investment 

• Public company