Dagra crypto currency

Dagra Crypto currency is an electronic currency created on the basis of the P2P delegates system (masternodes), the extended PoSe (Proof of Service) model based on Dagra's own cryptographic platform. The DGR coin of the same name is encrypted, copy-protected.

Altcoin is based on decentralized management: delegates (masternodes) contain a complete network node with frozen funds in 1000 DGR, have the right to vote, the miners are engaged in the issue, forming new blocks of the crypto-currency network (Block chain accounts) on average for 2.5 minutes. The earned coins are divided between the participants: miners receive 45%, delegates - 45%, 10% remains to maintain the network. A total of 21,000,000 DGR coins will be issued until 2038.

The fee for the block is controlled by the formula:

2222222 / (((Complexity + 2600) / 9)^ 2)

Cryptographic currency implements private payments with instant transactions protected from unauthorized access, has a management system that is accessible to all, without learning programming languages.

Dagra crypto currency is characterized by the following technical characteristics:

  1. All transactions are instantaneous and guaranteed, as the inputs are blocked only by a specific transaction.
  2. The possibility of mining using conventional computers, video cards, excluding ASIC-devices for mining.
  3. Для обеспечения безопасности все платежи в глобальной сети DAGRA проводятся без посредников и стороннего контроля.
  4. To ensure security, all payments in the global DAGRA network are conducted without intermediaries and third-party controls.
  5. Dagra network users influence the development of the crypto +currency if they own shares of the Dagra Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
  6. Dagra crypto currency is backed by a 100% gold reserve and is protected from currency fluctuations and depreciation, is placed in banks around the world.
  7. A system of quorums to combat fraud. To deceive this system, an attacker will need to choose six times in a row. Otherwise, violations will be canceled by the system.

Dagra limits inflation in mining by reducing supplies by 7% per year. Each block chain is directly tied to the number of network miners, the increasing of their number leads to a reduction in the reward for production. Such a measure avoids an increase in the commission for transactions, ensures the inflow of liquidity on the market and keeps inflation at a minimum level.

PrivateSend is a payment-mixing service based on Darksend - an improved and extended version of CoinJoin..

In Darksend, the transaction is formed by several parties and is formalized to several parties in order to merge funds without the possibility of separation.

The system is reliably protected from theft. At present, at least 3 participants are required for mixing using Darksend.