DagrSearch search engine

DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. launches in a test mode its decentralized search service.

The DagrSearch search engine does not use a centralized server. Instead, the results of each search query come from hundreds of independent nodes distributed over the global Internet as in BitTorrent technology. There is no single entity in such a distributed network that decides what results, and in what order to display in search results.

In contrast to conventional search services, the DagrSearch search engine is designed to protect the privacy of users. Our search service does not know how to store and transmit any data about users, including search history, computer addresses and their location. All the service data in the DagrSearch search nodes network are transmitted in an encrypted form.

DagrSearch does not censor and does not filter search results - the only criterion is whether the information matches the user's request.

The decentralized model of DagrSearch described above differs radically from the way previous-generation search engines work that spy on their users and sell all the data to third parties, show them ads instead of useful information, and block websites for subjective reasons or government requests.