Dagr Fund crowd-funding platform

Crowd-funding on the basis of a decentralized crypto platform will be the main driving force for development of start-ups, and you can use it if you want to be at the forefront of new technologies.

Dagr Fund will allow participants to create their own projects and raise funds for them, and platform developers to finance the creation of new advanced applications and services based on block chain technology.

Cost and security are just some of the problems of centralized crowd-funding platforms that can be solved with the help of Dagr Fund.

Sites like Kickstarter charge up to 10 percent of the amount collected for the project, which makes the fundraising process more complex and reduces the chances of a successful completion of the campaign.

If you are trying to raise money in the community, then the big problem is the moral side, when you realize that you are one of 10% of people whose money will not go into action, but simply to an intermediary. For small projects, this can completely lead to the failure of the entire fund-raising campaign.

Often, centralized platforms impose restrictions on project creators, adding indirect costs to their assignments. Decentralization will allow initiative people to raise funds more actively.

From a security standpoint, Dagr Fund protects users by using private keys that are not stored on any centralized server. This makes the platform unattractive for hacker attacks and other illegal encroachments.

The standard scheme of centralized crowdfunding, in fact, is a prepayment for a product not yet created and people supporting their own startup funds have no influence on how these funds are spent.

On the contrary, the scheme of Dagr Fund decentralized crowd-funding is similar to the release of securities (ICO model - initial coin offering).

Together with the analytical network of experts of the community that performs a comprehensive evaluation of funded projects integrated into Dagr Fund, ICO allows participating in the process of managing a financed company to all shareholders of its shares. In turn, this helps projects to prove themselves to potential sponsors and increase their chances of success.

Dagr Fund is not only a convenient platform for launching new breakthrough ideas, but also the basis of a new economic order. A new concept of the future, where everyone will have access to economic instruments, and the benefits derived from labor, knowledge and innovation will be distributed, rather than concentrating in the pockets of a handful of corporate investors.