«International Conference of the DAGRSOL Corporation»

At the most anticipated event of the year: “International Conference of DAGRSOL Corporation”, which is the platform of the new generation, one of the highlights was the presentation of the famous expert in the cryptoindustry Vadim Revtyuh.

He not only shared with a great pleasure competent advice on attracting funds, but also expressed gratitude and respect for inviting him to such a big event at the global level. Vadim is a representative of the BIT CHAIN GLOBAL company, which team of professionals collected more than 200 million dollars. He is also a successful ICO investor, financial security specialist, analyst and master of BlockChain technology. In this video, you will be briefly told about what cryptocurrency is, how to invest in it, what factors you should pay attention to, and also what mining is like, how to choose safe mining equipment and apply technologies. If you want to earn up to 600% per month with this knowledge, then this video is a must-see.