Новости компании DagrSol

The International Conference dedicated to the birthday of the DAGRSOL Corporation, among the many distinguished guests, welcomed Peter Bainov - an expert on financial markets and foundations in the US region.

At the most anticipated event of the year: “International Conference of DAGRSOL Corporation”, which is the platform of the new generation, one of the highlights was the presentation of the famous expert in the cryptoindustry Vadim Revtyuh.

We invite you on June 30, 2018 to the grand event in the field of modern technologies: "The third birthday of the International Corporation Dagrsol"!

The third Dagrsol International Conference dedicated to the third anniversary of existence was attended by many distinguished guests and speakers

One of the significant events at the International Conference of Dagrsol Corporation was the presentation of Oleg Drezhak, the chief specialist in business development and introduction of VR and blockchain technologies of WOROOM company.

At the moment, the company is raising funds in the flagship project of the searching engine DagrSol, the financial model of which involves paying users for using a number of services.

Even skeptical market analysts unanimously predict a stable growth of the company.

As Greaves says, this race was one of the most difficult races in Le Mans, out of all he had seen in his entire career. The nature seemed to test the whole team - exhausted by weather conditions and threw surprise after surprise.

There is an active attraction of funds for payments to users for the use of services owned by the company.

Children and adults, old people and teenagers - all invited had a good time and shared their experience.