Дорожная карта | DagrSol
Stage nameTimingStatus
1st stage
Desktop wallet for Windows, Linux02.2017Completed
Creation of a web wallet on the web page02.2017Completed
Miner built into the desktop wallet02.2017Completed
Development of an anonymous transaction system02.2017Completed
Development of instant payment system02.2017Completed
Carrying out a stress test system03.2017Completed
2nd stage
Creation of a cabinet for an investor05.2017Completed
Search engines and DAGRSEARCH02.2018Completed (tested)
Legal program02.2018Completed
Housing program03.2018Completed
Monetization of search system06.2018In developing
DAC DAGRA decentralized bank 07.2018In developing
Gold guarantee07.2018In developing
Voting system08.2018In developing
3rd stage
Smart contracts08.2018In developing
DAGRA decentralized exchange09.2018In developing
DAGRA catalog09.2018В разработке
DAGR FUND crowd-funding platform 10.2018In developing