Информация о компании DagrSol Searching Engine Inc.
About the company

Dagrsol Searching Engine Inc. develops projects in the fields of IT technology, finance, construction, energy, tourism, education. We developed our own Dagra cryptoplatform for effective scaling, where all our projects are combined into a single ecosystem.

Dagra cryptoplatform includes decentralized searching engine and browser DAGRSEARCH, decentralized digital bank, our own projects in various fields, as well as projects and businesses of our partners.

The DAGRA cryptoplatform is promoted and further developed by the decentralized searching engine and the DAGRSEARCH browser, which can be used as an advertising platform to promote projects, products, services, benefits, startups and business ideas.

Decentralized digital bank, where the full range of banking services for lending new business ideas and start-ups, as well as the business of our business partners, will start functioning in the near future.