Dagrsol Searching Engine Inc - поисковая система DagrSearch, криптовалюта Dagra
How does it work
Unlike Google, Yahoo and other browsers that we are familiar with, DagrSearch does not have its own servers. All information is stored on users' computers, each of which acts as a separate node. By connecting to each other via the Internet, the nodes create a network that entangles the whole world and stores all the information that has ever been posted. We offer a new solution for the economy of joint consumption. Each of us will be able to make money on what was done for free
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Advantages of DAGRSEARCH
Full encryption and protection of personal data. Information is stored on users' own drives. Neither the state nor the search engines can access.
The possibility of earning for each computer owner, at the expense of the use of disk space and processing power.
The algorithmic search is based on artificial intelligence, constantly learning the relativity, based on likes and user preferences.
Maximum speed of searching and issuing information, by accessing nearby nodes.
Distribution of up to 90% of advertising money between users of the DagrSearch browser.
The decentralized DagrSearch browser underlies the whole ecosystem
Purchases and sales are an important element of entrepreneurship. Today, in order to use effectively all business resources, it is necessary to use virtual technologies. Dagra Catalog presents a selection of the most useful applications. Read more..
Decentralized exchange
The user can use the tools used by professional traders: short positions, options, other derivatives, etc. The interest of the bank from each transaction is to pay interest on deposits of the Dagra decentralized bank. Read more...
Dagra is a decentralized platform for building your own organizations, working on block chain technology. Dagra is a decentralized autonomous organization, its management is fully concentrated in the hands of Shareholders who will be entitled to receive shares from new organizations launched on the Dagra platform. Read more...
Decentralized bank
DAC Dagrsol bank
DAC dagrsol bank The stability of the bank is provided by the Gold Reserve Fund, and thanks to the autonomous program management the bank is not fraudulent. DAC DagrSol Bank functions properly without human employees, it is not subject to pressure from state fiscal bodies and does not require any infrastructure facilities Read more...
Fund crowdfunding platform
Crowdfunding on the basis of a decentralized crypto platform will be the main driving force for development of start-ups, and you can use it if you want to be at the forefront of new technologies. Dagr Fund will allow participants to create their own projects and raise funds for them, and platform developers to finance the creation of new advanced applications and services based on block chain technology. Read more...
Dagra Crypto currency is an open decentralized payment system created on the basis of the system of delegates P2P network (masternode), extended PoSe model (Proof of Service) based on its own cryptographic platform Dagra. The DGR coin of the same name is encrypted, copy-protected.
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Simplicity and ease of use. You can use your Dagra wallet from all the devices: a PC, smartphone or in a web browser.
Advanced encryption protects each transaction. Each wallet is securely protected.
Transfer money from one wallet to another instantly using the function of rapid fire Dagra payments.
Users of the Dagra network can participate in voting on financing and development of new projects and influence the development of the ecosystem (masternodes).